Blackline solutions for Finance Controls and Automation Platform

A modern, comprehensive approach to Finance & Accounting.

It’s time to move beyond redundant practices and modernize the way finance wants to work.

The BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Platform automates the financial close, account reconciliation, journal entry, and numerous other accounting and finance processes—in one centralized cloud-based system. The suite of six integrated  products provides accounting and finance departments with end-to-end functionality that automates and streamlines manual, spreadsheet-driven accounting and finance processes and adds unprecedented control, visibility, and effciency.

Over 1,000 clients around the world already trust BlackLine’s solutions to modernize the way finance and accounting teams automate their processes and contribute to the overall organization’s performance. BlackLine’s solutions help clients achieve enhanced control and visibility over mission-critical accounting and finance processes.


Financial Close Management

Most companies are challenged to meet tight deadlines to close the books with minimal resources. Due to the current regulatory environment these deadlines are coupled with the need for stringent controls and a high degree of accuracy. The BlackLine Financial Close Solution specifically addresses these challenges and needs. It provides controls around the accuracy of the numbers; segregation of duties; timeliness in performing close activities; appropriate levels of review; and an online document repository to store and protect supporting documentation—all in one integrated solution.

Reconciliation Management

Accountants and controllers are under pressure to ensure balance sheet reconciliations are thorough, accurate and reliable for all accounts and prepared/reviewed in a timely manner in compliance with the accounting principles. Currently a paper and spreadsheet intensive manual process at most companies, BlackLine’s Reconciliation Management Solution automates this process to make preparing and reviewing balance sheet reconciliations easy.

Controls Assurance

Publicly traded companies are required to institute internal controls and procedures around financial reporting and information technology to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The challenge they face is the cost and time associated with documenting and testing their regulatory and financial controls. The Controls Assurance Solution from BlackLine enables companies to manage their regulatory compliance initiatives.

 Intercompany Hub

Eliminate the biggest bottleneck to a fast, accurate global financial close with an easier intercompany transaction approval process. The BlackLine Intercompany Hub empowers organizational entities and business units – rather than your corporate finance division – to review, approve, and reconcile intercompany balances in real-time—across currencies and geographies.