Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI), supporting a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes. Oracle provides a complete and integrated system for managing and optimizing enterprise-wide performance.

This allows organizations to achieve a state of management excellence - being smart, agile and aligned - which provides competitive advantage and leverages their operational investments.

Smart - Enable advanced integration that improves agility and lowers costs of ownership

Agile - Integrate information from your financial performance management, operational intelligence, and transactional applications

Aligned - Drive pervasive intelligence across the enterprise by linking strategic, financial and operational management processes

With Oracle's industry-leading EPM and BI solutions, organizations gain better insight, make better decisions, and drive better results that are delivered more quickly.

Astral is Gold Partner of Oracle for its EPM solutions & our services include sales, implementation & post implementation support.